Tuesday, February 27, 2007

High Times

Really, these are not bad times. But there is not much to say at the moment. Getting into my crazed end-of-semester hermit ways, disliking it, trying and failing to schedule social time...

But good news. Although it is true that I have both an exam, a speech, and two finals next week, I also don't have any exams THIS week.

I do have a speech which I am apparently not writing at the moment. I've decided to work on some other homework this evening. Yes. That's it.

And chocolate tapioca pudding (which DOESN'T ever work in the microwave, but I don't have a proper sauce pan for it). And the fantastic film Pom Poko, about which I will post when things slow down...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Slow down.

Although I *did* spend A LOT of yesterday drinking beer, most of Saturday and much of today were spent being busy, being "on" as it were, and I'm just tired.

It snowed and snowed and snowed last night until about 4 this morning (I woke up at 3:15 and stayed up, so I saw the snow stop), and Bf took me home just a bit ago, staying long enough to do most of my shoveling. I sent him home with some Aleve (he rarely takes drugs excluding cigarettes, coffee and alcohol, but I think his already-aching back left him susceptible to suggestion).

Mr 7yo is coming home from his Da's any minute, and I'm debating baking or getting something hot started on the stove (think Chili).

But perhaps I'll get some food in me first. Shoveling, after all, does burn a lot of calories!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oh My

It REALLY snowed last night (hmm, it says 3 inches on the weather site, but the snow is much deeper in my driveway - drift, perhaps, as the wind is at 20-30 mph). Wet, heavy snow which is hard to shovel. But after tjavascript:void(0)he rocket fuel-strength coffee I just drank, I may be ready to get back out there...


This weekend looks like just plain fun with a potential for LOTS of beer today (first Capital Brewery's Bockfest and second a trivia game at a bar), and lots of music and food tomorrow (International Fest at the Overture).

But first I've got to do some laundry, shovel some more, and eat something - before I start drinking bock!

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I feel all wound up deep inside, as I do after a stressful day or two.

But I know that eventually (as in, tomorrow after I take my Spanish exam), it will go away.

Bf has been an absolute prince the past couple of days, chauffeuring me to and fro and helping me get my car fixed as well. Wait, do princes fart? Because if they don't, I may have to amend that last. :P

I am missing a lecture by Ali Abunimah tonight, which is regrettable. But I need to study and get myself rested and/or less wound up. It's not good for me to be so tense!

Okay, back to studying, and to finish off the chocolate waffles I made myself for dinner (ooh, they would be REALLY good topped with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge, and just guess who has both of those things in her kitchen? AND I have some really tasty organic bananas to boot [contented sigh]).

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hee Hee

This morning, about 4 city blocks from school, I heard a very bad noise emanating from the bottom of my car. :o

As I turned into the school parking lot, my car would not go. It was as if one of the wheels just wouldn't turn! :(

And indeed, when I got out to inspect it, it was no longer attached to the rest of the car properly (that is, wasn't attached to the part of the car which would turn the wheel)!

Cool, huh? My presentation would have to be delayed. :(

After an hour+ of frantic running around, I got the car towed, pulled myself together and gave my speech. It was okay. :)

Then, I checked my messages and was informed that I had neglected to leave the keys in the car. :(

Oh, yeah. I'm a LADY, you see, and I don't know about such things as automobiles*.

A very nice boy from my Spanish class drove me to the garage and then to my place, which saved me a lot of time. That was cool. :)

So now I'm home, dreading waiting for the call from the garage, wondering what I will make for lunch.

After four hours of keeping it together, I just feel like flopping on the couch and staring into space. ;)

*Little Britain fans know what I'm talking about!

Resolved: Revolver is a great album

I set my fantastic mac alarm clock (irooster) for 5:45 this morning because I need to get up and finish my studying for the day - a slight backfire in album choice has me just now getting up. What was my mistake? Picking the Beatles' Revolver album to wake me. It isn't that I didn't wake up, it's just that I love this album and I just listened to it for half an hour instead of getting up.

Okay, I'm not actually going to argue my case for why Revolver is a great album. I do have to go shower and maybe get a cup of coffee. But WOW! Eleanor Rigby, Taxman, She Said She Said, and my reward for showering and dressing this morning: "Got To Get You Into My Life" 2:30 of rollicking horns and singable lyrics (in browser clip).

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Two loves together at last

Although I'm beginning to feel a mite overwhelmed with grammar and such, I'm still tickled pink to be studying Spanish. Looking for an appropriate Little Britain YouTube clip to share, I found one which must be from Spanish TV - Little Britain with Spanish subtitles!

[contented sigh]

Also, bf and I have an increasingly disturbing running joke with the characters of Lou and Andy, which as it grows crazier becomes more hilarious (to me at least). Think pillow talk in their voices (I do Andy).

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Monsters under the bed

Bf came over and made sure there were no monsters under my bed today. It was such a lovely, comforting thing to know I was looked after.

The day was spent doing a lot of blessed nothing. Watched a few episodes of Life on Mars (link to the non-flash version of the BBC site), ate some delicious breakfast, took a long nap in the afternoon. All of the studying I've been doing during the rest of the week left me free to just play today. That was wonderful.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to get to sleep after that long nap. That's a pickle.


Oh, my, I was quite perturbed on Saturday, wasn't I? Oh well, we all have our bad days. After I wrote my last angry post I felt much, much better. Nothing like a little venting. 7yo did a bit of work and I got done most of the work I needed to. Practiced my speech tonight and have it nearly short enough (maximum of six minutes).

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I'm addicted to rageahol!

Um, so, my kid and I are at the school library,and I want to KILL him.

I am so angry with him right now.

But it will pass. Like a HUGE kidney stone, but it will pass.

He's decided that doing any work at all (reading 2 paragraphs in his book on New Mexico, for example) is too much work.

to his credit, I am able to type this because he's got his nose in his
book, FINALLY READING INSTEAD OF WHINING. That's pretty cool*.

All I want to do is finish my speech so I can stop thinking about it**.

Nearly there, just double checking my citations and facts, snazzing up the Powerpoint, etcetera.

*Ah, but it couldn't last. After he dutifully read the chapter on what farmers in NM grow, he told me it didn't tell him anything! Bah. Humbug. Days like today I am gobsmacked by the fact that I have any children - what the hell was I thinking?

** It's on Mood Disorders, as I've mentioned, and I sometimes feel that focusing on
this topic is a trigger for periods of depression. So I'm trying to take that negative energy and use it to positive ends. That sentence makes me feel like I am just full of shit. Really what I'm doing is using the "maybe I should kill myself" thoughts as a source of energy. In many ways it is just as bad as it always was. But not in EVERY way. Glass half full,damn it!




I see.



I am feeling so disinterested in finishing up the speech I'm working on. Actually, I'm REALLY interested in it, I just feel disinterested in it.

This morning 7yo and I are going to the library at my school so he can work on his New Mexico report and I can work on my speech. For fun I am bringing my Spanish book!

My speech is about mood disorders and I've finally gotten it down to 5 minutes, now I have to re-do my outline (which has been culled in a big way) and write out stuff on 4 x 6 cards and then practice, practice, practice! Oh, AND make up a handout with resources on it for the audience. That should be pretty easy though. Maybe I'll do that first!

Oh, man. 7yo told me he couldn't colour pictures for his report because he didn't have a peach coloured crayon. Cringing inside, I asked him why that mattered, and you guessed it, he said "But what if I have to draw a HEAD in my picture?" I tried very hard to point out that not everybody has a peach crayon complexion (like, me, honey) without being a jerk about it. He said "But that is the colour crayon people always use!" I said that we could use our imaginations, and also that there were many different kinds of people in New Mexico. Sigh.

Upside: we are getting coffee (a steamer for 7yo) and maybe a doughnut for breakfast, but not until I get dressed. I'm very tempted to wear my pjs to school.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Do you take it?

Hooray for The Wet Spots! Just got home from their show at the High Noon and it was a blast!

The Wet Spots sing naughty songs in the fashion of lounge singers, and their show is at least 1 million times better than that sounds.

They opened with "Do You Take It (in the Ass)?" and just got better from there.

There is a charming (but entirely not work safe) video for the song availabe here (you must have a YouTube account, or see it at their website here).

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love, me

For the two people I know in real life who also read this blog: thanks for the support and caring. In all the forms it's been expressed. I appreciate it and having you as a part of my life and being a part of yours.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hair it is

Swore I'd take a picture, and my freshly warshed tresses just begged me to document them.

So here is my hair (on my head) on this day in 2007:

I look so tired! I *felt all* perky. Oh well. It's February.

Monday, February 12, 2007

No bed of roses

B and I went to dinner (with the 7 year old) tonight. Had some delish Indian food, and afterward, as I always do when offered one, took the hot, rosewater-scented towel. And I still have the low throbbing headache I get when I come into contact with rosewater.

I'm allergic (or perhaps only extremely sensitive to) to roses. It's the only thing I am always bothered by. Everytime I get close to fragrant roses, taste or smell something rose scented, EVERYTIME, I get a headache.

That said, I'm getting a perverse pleasure from the fact that I have not scrubbed the scent from my hands and I keep smelling them.

I'm desperate for something. Perhaps I need to go drive too fast or do some street drugs? Probably a better idea to just sniff my nice-but-pain-inducing hands for now.

Code Hazel

We are watching The Motorcycle Diaries in Spanish class today and tomorrow. It just so happened that a blogger I read posted this picture of Gael Garcia Bernal (she credited the NYT Magazine) in her blog today.

I think my heart actually stopped beating when I saw it. So now you know how to kill me.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

None taken.

No pictures taken this weekend. An old friend, B, came into town and we spent much of Saturday evening talking and laughing. Bf made gumbo, which kept him in the kitchen for most of the evening, leaving B and I lots of time to talk about all manner of things he *really* wouldn't have wanted to hear. Isn't he the best?

We ended up watching Mullholland Dr., which after Inland Empire last week was very easy to follow. But only in comparison.

Naomi Watts is fantastic in it.

Today was a very busy day - the 11 year old and I had a special day together, we went to see Arthur and the Invisibles, which was good, but not great. It has many things to recommend it (costuming is nice, the kid who played Charlie in the Charlie and the Chocolate factory film stars and he is the sweetest thing, animation is great), but there is some stuff I didn't like (Madonna and the awful "black" minimoy characters. All I'm going to say about the latter is: GOD DAMNIT), but it was a fun film to see with him. One theme of the film (child being separated from parents) is a big issue for him right now and I hope seeing it depicted in the film was a good experience for him. Afterward, he opened some gifts bf got him and we looked at places he enjoys on the web.

After we had dinner my mother came to get him and I cleaned house as best I could in anticpation of some friends from Spanish class coming over to study. Two women came over (I think we are the oldest three people in class!) and we had a nice 90 minutes of study time before we had to break for the night. It's really nice to talk about the difficulties we face - they are both really nice women, as well.

And now I'm playing on the net instead of studying or getting a good night's sleep, which I sorely need.

The camera must be taken out with me this week. I've got stuff to write for school, and a take home exam to finish for Speech Class, but nothing stopping me from taking a few pictures. Worse comes to worst, I'll take snaps IN SCHOOL. Anything, at this point, to have something to look at, something to post about.

I remember my life through blog posts, so when I neglect to post, I am assigning most of what happens in my life to oblivion.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Good Morning!

Is it the coffee? I don't know, but this morning I feel so dadgummed organized and like I actually might put a dent in the huuuuuuuge pile of papers I've been ignoring in the living room.

I've been feeling worried about Spanish because we are halfway through the condensed semester and I feel like the stem-changing verbs are just a bit out of my understanding (and I really want to see Volver now, because I can congugate it*!). I've got them in my sites but they haven't totally clicked. Plus there are about 40 verbs we've "learned" that I'm still unsure of, meaning-wise.

That said, I did manage to get a 99% on our last exam (including some in-class extra credit from last week). I acknowledge that I'm doing WELL, I'm just not feeling as confident as I'd like. Thank bog I'm taking the condensed Spanish II in March.

* Yo vuelvo, tú vuelves, ella vuevle, nosotros volvemos, ellos vuelven

In other school news, I'm trying to pull back from speaking up in both of my classes. I usually have something to say or want to answer questions, but I worry that in my enthusiasm I'm dominating the classroom discussions. Pulling back from that is difficult, but I feel that in the long-run I will be happier feeling that I do not talk TOO MUCH. Because I know that I talk too much, I guess.

I'm going to do a speech 10 days or so. Because I volunteered for the last two speeches, I will be the LAST one to speak. I could do the speech earlier, but I actually want more time to prepare. I need a little "break", and more prep time should help. My speech is going to be a quick overview of Mood Disorders. I got lots of good feedback yesterday in class on the topic and I look forward to presenting it.

Mr. 7-years-old got up at 5:15 this morning and I followed him downstairs soon after. What's gotten into us? I suspect it was going to bed at 8:30. Second night in a row that I've fallen asleep so early. But last night I actually SLEPT the whole night through.

Wow, this was a long post about some stuff that is relatively unexciting if you aren't me. Hee.

I've got to get out for a little sight-seeing, museum'ing, etc. soon. My camera needs to get used. (ugh, that last sentence was ugly. I was just too lazy to fix it and now I dont' know what to say. "My poor camera has been left at home too often, it's time to take it out" or "I need some fresh pix" or something peppy and clever. But I don't feel clever, and my peppy isn't patient enough to think of something.)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Something new in The Wiz

I found it contains g.w. bush's themesong: "Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News" (from The Wiz soundtrack).

If you haven't seen The Wiz, watch it. The DVD is $6.99 on Amazon, what a bargain. Worth it to see a (still super skinny) nearly normal Dianna Ross and an intact, black Michael Jackson. Plus Nipsy Russell and (oh, I'm drawing a blank on all other fantastic cast members...Lena Horne! That's one.) the rest of the star-studded cast.

It's a great musical movie. The art direction is crazy delicious (that is the only time I will probably use that phrase, and yes, I know that it is both out-dated and somewhat misused here, but you watch the movie and tell me I'm wrong).

Monday, February 05, 2007

Da Bears

Well, who'd have thunk it?

Last night had me watching the first half of the Superbowl, IN CHICAGO, in a bar, surrounded by Bears fans!

Bf had a hankering to see the new David Lynch film, Inland Empire (I wonder what Wing would think of this one?). The movie isn't playing in Wisconsin at all, so we head down to Chicago to have a gander at it. It is long, weird, and actually, pretty good. The Music Box theater is fantastic. They have a lot of really interesting films and their weekend Midnight movie selections are really eclectic.

There was a guy playing the organ before the show, sitting in a spotlight and looking as though he were having a grand old time. The theater itself is fantastic, really cool looking and decorated to highlight it's history without being stuffy or precious.

After the film we walked back to the car (man that below 0 windchill was awful), and eventually made our way to Mulligan's for beers and da Bears. Bf's brother and bunch of their friends were there to watch the game. I haven't seen most of them for more than a year, but everyone remembered me and were very sweet. I felt like one of the gang (okay, one who didn't know anything about football...). Even my being a cheesehead was not a problem.

The first fourteen seconds of the Superbowl were outta sight! I've never been in the midst of a whole bunch of sports fans going nuts over a televised game. It was a sea of blue and orange, and nearly all of bf's friends were wearing Bears jerseys. It was tons of fun. We left after the half time show and got home pretty early. Best traffic down to Chi and back, evar!

A really fun day. It's nice to get away for a bit [and see new places and old faces].

Friday, February 02, 2007

Broken Down

I'm so tired, I can barely string together two coherent sentences.

A couple of hours splayed on the couch has helped, but I am really really tired.

It's PMS time for me, which seems to include a deep drop off of the face of the earth into a vat of deep mud. I am sucked in, immobilized, exhausted. Tearful, confused and full of self-recrimination. Remember that stupid thing I did when I was 8? I do. Over and over and over.

Yeah, it's needless and unpleasant and obsessive. Focusing on distant and near past alike. History which I am powerless to change and [seemingly] helpless to relive.

It's been recommended I take Calcium, in the form of Tums tablets, but I haven't yet picked any up. I should be taking Iron because I'm anemic, but I forget to take the tablets.

Since I know this broken down feeling isn't a reflection of reality but an unnatural alteration of it, I try to ignore the negative psychological effects of the PMS. On a day like today, it's difficult. I want to yell and scream and cry and tell everyone that I see: "IT'S NOT FAIR!" But instead I keep my head down and just plow through. I'll get over the mistakes I've made and avoid making any more. This too shall pass.

I dread tomorrow, a bit, as it's part two of the Saturday class from hell, but it is 7 hours and then it's over. Bf is hanging out with the kid, I think the two of them will have fun. I'm jealous, there is bacon on the horizon for them at breakfast! I'm bringing my lunch to school as it's going to be bitterly cold and I don't want to venture out if I don't have to. I'll have time to work on homework if I like, or just relax. Lovely.

Here is a picture of a Halloween craft done by one or the other of the boys. Looking for any old picture, and not finding anything suitable to the topic, went for something that put a smile on my face.