Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I gotta admit

This whole Joe Biden thing is getting better and better. His son's introduction speech and now his speech accepting the nomination for vice-president have been really really touching.

I was not a big fan of the Biden nomination, but I saw the utility. Now that I hear him speak, I see the wisdom of his selection. "He's not a bad guy" is what I keep thinking. He actually seems decent.

Yep, I've drunk the kool aid.

But I actually feel better.

Also, did you see Michelle Obama crying after his son's speech? Priceless, I tell you.

I'm getting excited about the election all over again.

Yes, we can.

It will be imperfect (hey, it's politics!), but it will be better than what we have now.

What's new, Pussycat?

So suddenly (as of Saturday) I'm going to school this semester.

But only for 4 credits, one class.

Intermediate algebra.

We hope I get a C, that's my goal.

Wish me luck.


100 most common words in English

This is a fun test. So far, after two tries, I've gotten 36 out of the hundred.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This is Wednesday

Wake up.
Stagger to couch.
Sneeze. (repeat 12x)
Blow nose.
Begin watching the last episode of "Twin Peaks".
Welcome boy home from father's.
Eat breakfast.
Play "The Simpson's Game" and Wii Bowling with boy.
Pack up dirty clothing and schlep to laundromat.
Walk to coffee shop and grab a coffee while things dry.
Fold all laundry and come home.
Unpack clean laundry.
Sit on couch, looking at internet.
Watch boy unpack school supplies, feel slightly envious of his joy.
Blog about day so far.

To do:
Take shower.
Get haircut (fun fact: last haircut was mid-December of 2006).
Eat lunch.
Make bed.
Finish watching series finale of "Twin Peaks".

It's a big world out there. What will I do?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Guess what, blogosphere?

I'm a sorry excuse for a blogger these days.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meet my new best friend

Ah, what would a blog be without TOO MUCH INFORMATION?

I've decided, just now, sipping on a rye & soda, that booze is my new best friend.

It's not the best of friends, it easily lets me down, drives a wedge between me and my other loved ones, and unlike the best things in life, is not free.

But when I'm at my wit's end and I can't see how to make one more effort or work through one more day, it's there to numb the pain and help me out.


That was TOTALLY too much information.

Let's see how long this post stays up.

Bring on the divination

As regular readers know, I'm a fan of my horoscope. I don't let the "stars" guide me, but I do like to use the horoscope as a jumping off point for thinking about my life.
Same for the daily "lover's tarot" email I get in my inbox each morning.

Today, it really mirrored what has been going on with me lately, so I thought I'd share:

The Ten of Chalices card suggests that you should celebrate the completion of a journey, transformation or commitment. It's time to back up the ones you love while giving them roots and wings. You can expect the collective sensation of having finally made it as one big happy family. Perhaps the most important lesson to be gleaned from this sense of fulfillment is to simply enjoy being in the moment.

Honor and recognize your inner child through spontaneous and passionate expressions. You know that home, happiness and family are where the heart is. This sense of pride and joy may come from a focus on common values, a romantic desire sated or a dream achieved. Either way, you have an opportunity to share the love, express gratitude, expand your relationship and appreciate the stormy road that might have led to this renewal and wholeness.

Moving in with the boyfriend has been a long and sometimes arduous process, but I feel the beginnings of settling in and being a good family unit (that last part is really difficult for me, as my family of origin was good at picking fights and being unhappy with one another. I want to avoid that).

Right now I'm drinking my coffee and watching Twin Peaks (halfway through the first season). I've got some chicken poaching in wine and spices, and I'm making a chicken salad later on today with said bird.

Later today the "cable man" is expected to come and hook up our super high speed internet, which means I can cancel my DSL (although, honestly, I'm not sure I want to, with the outages Charter has been having 'round these parts as of late).

Back to coffee and a few more blissful, child-free minutes of morning solitude.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Update for Mid-August

We are officially all moved in and very nearly unpacked. The bathroom is still all kinds of disaster. To top off the other problems, the shower faucet knob broke, so we have to turn the water on and off with a pair of pliers. Classy.

BUT, the kitchen is in cooking order. Last night BF made curry and this morning I'm baking up a Boston Cream Pie, and might attempt some bread later. It's cooled off enough that the oven doesn't heat up the kitchen too much.

Right now the boy and I are waiting on the sofa and loveseat, they should be here within the hour.

Next up in the kitchen is the pastry cream for the pie.

Later on I plan on curling up on the sofa with a glass of riesling.

And when I have some time to myself, I'm going to do some reading. This 'Women of Colour and Beauty Carnival' should produce some really good reads.

UPDATE: ZOMG, the pastry cream turned out so delicious. Why don't I make that stuff more often? Srsly, really, really good.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Moving on up...

Still moving. Well, moved in, but not unpacked.
Dogsitting for most of this week, so moving back and forth between two (thankfully close) places, one which is FULL OF BOXES and kind of makes me cry to think about.

I've moved twice in the past 12 months. I want to stay in our place for at least two years, just because I can't deal with another move (unless, of course, we win the lottery and buy a new place and then I will just PAY someone to pack all of my stuff for me), and because our new location is frankly awesome.

But until we get all settled, curtains up and filthy kitchen floor warshed, I'm going to feel just a bit on edge.

Unfortunately after the major excitement of moving passed, I found myself in what feels like...the best way I can describe it is "brittleness". I get this reaction to stress which leaves me completely defenseless against sadness. I've been crying constantly most of today, and was in tears for a good part of yesterday (even while driving, which is never a good sign).

I'm really looking forward to getting settled and feeling more settled.

I understand that it will happen. I just wish I knew when, so I could look forward to that day