Sunday, October 18, 2009

Me behind bars

Not much going on around here - have become most dull person in the world. Actually, maybe not THE dullest, but you know what I mean.

Mental health is getting better, but my sedentary lifestyle has become ridiculous, so I am joining the gym on Monday to get myself out of the house and exercising. I'm only out to get into better shape, fit into my clothes and gain back some muscle mass. If I lose weight, great, if not, that's okay too.

We have a tradition, the boyfriend and I, of going to the laundromat as early as possible on Sundays. We went this morning, and as usual, I feel a sense of contentment for that job done. Unfortunately *putting away* clothing is not my strong suit, so I have this and last week's clothes to hang and put in drawers.

I made and Ethiopian dish called Doro Wat last night, which we ate with injera bread brought back from Chicago by the bf. It was delicious! So happy to have the right spices to make it.

After dinner we went out to meet a couple of his friends for drinks at a "New Orleans Style" bar/restaurant. Had a drink called a NOLA Cola and it was delish. Sort of a long island iced tea flavour. Will be returning for one of those some days.

That's it for me - I'm all out of stuff to say. Breakfast is in the making, and then, maybe, putting away the clean clothes.