Monday, August 04, 2008

Moving on up...

Still moving. Well, moved in, but not unpacked.
Dogsitting for most of this week, so moving back and forth between two (thankfully close) places, one which is FULL OF BOXES and kind of makes me cry to think about.

I've moved twice in the past 12 months. I want to stay in our place for at least two years, just because I can't deal with another move (unless, of course, we win the lottery and buy a new place and then I will just PAY someone to pack all of my stuff for me), and because our new location is frankly awesome.

But until we get all settled, curtains up and filthy kitchen floor warshed, I'm going to feel just a bit on edge.

Unfortunately after the major excitement of moving passed, I found myself in what feels like...the best way I can describe it is "brittleness". I get this reaction to stress which leaves me completely defenseless against sadness. I've been crying constantly most of today, and was in tears for a good part of yesterday (even while driving, which is never a good sign).

I'm really looking forward to getting settled and feeling more settled.

I understand that it will happen. I just wish I knew when, so I could look forward to that day

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