Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This is Wednesday

Wake up.
Stagger to couch.
Sneeze. (repeat 12x)
Blow nose.
Begin watching the last episode of "Twin Peaks".
Welcome boy home from father's.
Eat breakfast.
Play "The Simpson's Game" and Wii Bowling with boy.
Pack up dirty clothing and schlep to laundromat.
Walk to coffee shop and grab a coffee while things dry.
Fold all laundry and come home.
Unpack clean laundry.
Sit on couch, looking at internet.
Watch boy unpack school supplies, feel slightly envious of his joy.
Blog about day so far.

To do:
Take shower.
Get haircut (fun fact: last haircut was mid-December of 2006).
Eat lunch.
Make bed.
Finish watching series finale of "Twin Peaks".

It's a big world out there. What will I do?

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