Saturday, February 17, 2007




I see.



I am feeling so disinterested in finishing up the speech I'm working on. Actually, I'm REALLY interested in it, I just feel disinterested in it.

This morning 7yo and I are going to the library at my school so he can work on his New Mexico report and I can work on my speech. For fun I am bringing my Spanish book!

My speech is about mood disorders and I've finally gotten it down to 5 minutes, now I have to re-do my outline (which has been culled in a big way) and write out stuff on 4 x 6 cards and then practice, practice, practice! Oh, AND make up a handout with resources on it for the audience. That should be pretty easy though. Maybe I'll do that first!

Oh, man. 7yo told me he couldn't colour pictures for his report because he didn't have a peach coloured crayon. Cringing inside, I asked him why that mattered, and you guessed it, he said "But what if I have to draw a HEAD in my picture?" I tried very hard to point out that not everybody has a peach crayon complexion (like, me, honey) without being a jerk about it. He said "But that is the colour crayon people always use!" I said that we could use our imaginations, and also that there were many different kinds of people in New Mexico. Sigh.

Upside: we are getting coffee (a steamer for 7yo) and maybe a doughnut for breakfast, but not until I get dressed. I'm very tempted to wear my pjs to school.

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