Saturday, February 17, 2007

I'm addicted to rageahol!

Um, so, my kid and I are at the school library,and I want to KILL him.

I am so angry with him right now.

But it will pass. Like a HUGE kidney stone, but it will pass.

He's decided that doing any work at all (reading 2 paragraphs in his book on New Mexico, for example) is too much work.

to his credit, I am able to type this because he's got his nose in his
book, FINALLY READING INSTEAD OF WHINING. That's pretty cool*.

All I want to do is finish my speech so I can stop thinking about it**.

Nearly there, just double checking my citations and facts, snazzing up the Powerpoint, etcetera.

*Ah, but it couldn't last. After he dutifully read the chapter on what farmers in NM grow, he told me it didn't tell him anything! Bah. Humbug. Days like today I am gobsmacked by the fact that I have any children - what the hell was I thinking?

** It's on Mood Disorders, as I've mentioned, and I sometimes feel that focusing on
this topic is a trigger for periods of depression. So I'm trying to take that negative energy and use it to positive ends. That sentence makes me feel like I am just full of shit. Really what I'm doing is using the "maybe I should kill myself" thoughts as a source of energy. In many ways it is just as bad as it always was. But not in EVERY way. Glass half full,damn it!

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