Thursday, February 22, 2007


I feel all wound up deep inside, as I do after a stressful day or two.

But I know that eventually (as in, tomorrow after I take my Spanish exam), it will go away.

Bf has been an absolute prince the past couple of days, chauffeuring me to and fro and helping me get my car fixed as well. Wait, do princes fart? Because if they don't, I may have to amend that last. :P

I am missing a lecture by Ali Abunimah tonight, which is regrettable. But I need to study and get myself rested and/or less wound up. It's not good for me to be so tense!

Okay, back to studying, and to finish off the chocolate waffles I made myself for dinner (ooh, they would be REALLY good topped with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge, and just guess who has both of those things in her kitchen? AND I have some really tasty organic bananas to boot [contented sigh]).

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