Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hee Hee

This morning, about 4 city blocks from school, I heard a very bad noise emanating from the bottom of my car. :o

As I turned into the school parking lot, my car would not go. It was as if one of the wheels just wouldn't turn! :(

And indeed, when I got out to inspect it, it was no longer attached to the rest of the car properly (that is, wasn't attached to the part of the car which would turn the wheel)!

Cool, huh? My presentation would have to be delayed. :(

After an hour+ of frantic running around, I got the car towed, pulled myself together and gave my speech. It was okay. :)

Then, I checked my messages and was informed that I had neglected to leave the keys in the car. :(

Oh, yeah. I'm a LADY, you see, and I don't know about such things as automobiles*.

A very nice boy from my Spanish class drove me to the garage and then to my place, which saved me a lot of time. That was cool. :)

So now I'm home, dreading waiting for the call from the garage, wondering what I will make for lunch.

After four hours of keeping it together, I just feel like flopping on the couch and staring into space. ;)

*Little Britain fans know what I'm talking about!

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