Thursday, February 08, 2007

Good Morning!

Is it the coffee? I don't know, but this morning I feel so dadgummed organized and like I actually might put a dent in the huuuuuuuge pile of papers I've been ignoring in the living room.

I've been feeling worried about Spanish because we are halfway through the condensed semester and I feel like the stem-changing verbs are just a bit out of my understanding (and I really want to see Volver now, because I can congugate it*!). I've got them in my sites but they haven't totally clicked. Plus there are about 40 verbs we've "learned" that I'm still unsure of, meaning-wise.

That said, I did manage to get a 99% on our last exam (including some in-class extra credit from last week). I acknowledge that I'm doing WELL, I'm just not feeling as confident as I'd like. Thank bog I'm taking the condensed Spanish II in March.

* Yo vuelvo, tú vuelves, ella vuevle, nosotros volvemos, ellos vuelven

In other school news, I'm trying to pull back from speaking up in both of my classes. I usually have something to say or want to answer questions, but I worry that in my enthusiasm I'm dominating the classroom discussions. Pulling back from that is difficult, but I feel that in the long-run I will be happier feeling that I do not talk TOO MUCH. Because I know that I talk too much, I guess.

I'm going to do a speech 10 days or so. Because I volunteered for the last two speeches, I will be the LAST one to speak. I could do the speech earlier, but I actually want more time to prepare. I need a little "break", and more prep time should help. My speech is going to be a quick overview of Mood Disorders. I got lots of good feedback yesterday in class on the topic and I look forward to presenting it.

Mr. 7-years-old got up at 5:15 this morning and I followed him downstairs soon after. What's gotten into us? I suspect it was going to bed at 8:30. Second night in a row that I've fallen asleep so early. But last night I actually SLEPT the whole night through.

Wow, this was a long post about some stuff that is relatively unexciting if you aren't me. Hee.

I've got to get out for a little sight-seeing, museum'ing, etc. soon. My camera needs to get used. (ugh, that last sentence was ugly. I was just too lazy to fix it and now I dont' know what to say. "My poor camera has been left at home too often, it's time to take it out" or "I need some fresh pix" or something peppy and clever. But I don't feel clever, and my peppy isn't patient enough to think of something.)

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