Monday, February 12, 2007

No bed of roses

B and I went to dinner (with the 7 year old) tonight. Had some delish Indian food, and afterward, as I always do when offered one, took the hot, rosewater-scented towel. And I still have the low throbbing headache I get when I come into contact with rosewater.

I'm allergic (or perhaps only extremely sensitive to) to roses. It's the only thing I am always bothered by. Everytime I get close to fragrant roses, taste or smell something rose scented, EVERYTIME, I get a headache.

That said, I'm getting a perverse pleasure from the fact that I have not scrubbed the scent from my hands and I keep smelling them.

I'm desperate for something. Perhaps I need to go drive too fast or do some street drugs? Probably a better idea to just sniff my nice-but-pain-inducing hands for now.

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