Sunday, February 11, 2007

None taken.

No pictures taken this weekend. An old friend, B, came into town and we spent much of Saturday evening talking and laughing. Bf made gumbo, which kept him in the kitchen for most of the evening, leaving B and I lots of time to talk about all manner of things he *really* wouldn't have wanted to hear. Isn't he the best?

We ended up watching Mullholland Dr., which after Inland Empire last week was very easy to follow. But only in comparison.

Naomi Watts is fantastic in it.

Today was a very busy day - the 11 year old and I had a special day together, we went to see Arthur and the Invisibles, which was good, but not great. It has many things to recommend it (costuming is nice, the kid who played Charlie in the Charlie and the Chocolate factory film stars and he is the sweetest thing, animation is great), but there is some stuff I didn't like (Madonna and the awful "black" minimoy characters. All I'm going to say about the latter is: GOD DAMNIT), but it was a fun film to see with him. One theme of the film (child being separated from parents) is a big issue for him right now and I hope seeing it depicted in the film was a good experience for him. Afterward, he opened some gifts bf got him and we looked at places he enjoys on the web.

After we had dinner my mother came to get him and I cleaned house as best I could in anticpation of some friends from Spanish class coming over to study. Two women came over (I think we are the oldest three people in class!) and we had a nice 90 minutes of study time before we had to break for the night. It's really nice to talk about the difficulties we face - they are both really nice women, as well.

And now I'm playing on the net instead of studying or getting a good night's sleep, which I sorely need.

The camera must be taken out with me this week. I've got stuff to write for school, and a take home exam to finish for Speech Class, but nothing stopping me from taking a few pictures. Worse comes to worst, I'll take snaps IN SCHOOL. Anything, at this point, to have something to look at, something to post about.

I remember my life through blog posts, so when I neglect to post, I am assigning most of what happens in my life to oblivion.

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