Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Take Care

So... I've been feeling really introspective, which on one hand is a good thing.

A very good thing, actually. I feel as though I've turned a corner with some things.

And I am feeling very compelled to take good care of myself and my life.

To wit, I:

Finally took my car in to be looked at. It *should* run fine and I feel good about giving my money to a car repair shop that supports my community sponsored radio station (and listens to the Jazz show in the afternoons).

Successfully resisted a lot of crazy urges during the past couple of crazy days.

Accepted love and help from my boyfriend, and returned it the best I could.

I stopped taking the medicine which was making me feel poorly, mentally as well as physically (although that glimmer of she-who-could-read-for-hours was good, the raging psycho part was hard).

Sometime in the next month I'm going to start group therapy, which to me is terrifying, but should be great for my memoirs.

Next week I'm going to start a twice weekly Yoga experiment. It costs, but less than fixing my car. In fact, it was this desire to try yoga class which prompted me to fix my car.

I also plan to go through my spare room and make sense of my work space, and work there.

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