Friday, August 24, 2007


  1. Sometimes I *do* make the best of a bad situation: just now I noticed the sun had come out, so I sent the children out to play with a picnic lunch, a watch, and instructions to try to stay outside for 90 minutes, weather permitting. This allows me time to clean and plan the rest of the day's activities, as well as sitting down to have my own lunch.
  2. The weather seems to have turned suddenly (it's been raining raining raining and the ceiling in our office was leaking yesterday, but they've hopefully sorted it out for now), so hopefully the boys won't be stuck in the rain.
  3. "The Lives of Others" was really good on second viewing. It left the 2nd run theater last night and is on DVD now, so if you've missed it, go rent it.
  4. I somehow managed to wedge my pots and pans into the drawer under the oven in such a way as to prevent it from opening. This is very nearly tear inducing, as I was planning on making some red sauce for enchiladas (never mind cooking the filling). For now I threw the first ingredients into the crockpot and plan to slow cook it until I can get bf to come over and help me wrest the drawer open.
  5. Bipolar disorder sucks. Srsly.
  6. Me encanta espaƱol.
  7. HDTV is pretty cool, and the difference in picture quality in the analog and digital over-the-air channels can be stunning - check out the PBS series about Islam in Spain, it's gorgeous in HD.
  8. My Netflix Queue isn't very...organized yet. Things are lumped together by genre and actor, as that's how I found most of it. I'm looking forward to watching Cache this evening.
  9. The apartment is going to look great. Eventually.
  10. I'm feeling incredibly anti-social and hungry for company at the same time.
(So what's a latin word for list of crap that sounds like errata? Because I realized too late that errata was a list of corrections, and this is just a list. Regesta maybe?)


Anonymous said...

The drawer under our oven is stuck.

..same cause pots and pans creating an obstruction.

Did your bf succeed in " wrest[ing]the drawer open"?

If so, how did he do it?

Many thnks.

LavaLady said...

Dearest Anon,

Now that I think about it, I believe I got it undone. Just asked BF and he didn't recall doing it. I think I got it open as much as I could and then felt around for the offending item. And then, searching my terrible memory, I may well have used something such as a spatula to maneuver the item around until I got it unwedged.

Best of luck to ye.

Now that I know my oven easily moves away from the wall, I wonder if the drawer is accessible from the back of the oven. It might be a last ditch solution.