Tuesday, July 17, 2007


It's over. Pretty much.

The closing went off without a hitch yesterday. The family who will be living there are going to fix it up, redo the inside, and, to quote one of the buyers, "Live in that house forever."

Now I'm just waiting for the check to clear so I can fulfill the obligations of my divorce agreement and have one less thing for my exhusband to bring up in conversation.

Today was spent taking care of the very-nearly-8-year-old - He is most likely asthmatic, and today an occasional wheeze turned into a constant thing, so we got into the doctor and he got some treatment to relieve his symptoms.

Then we went to his favourite restaurant, a Chinese buffet place, and we had a lovely dinner. They had some delicious string beans and a wonderful steamed tofu, and mushrooms in garlic sauce (yum), as well as a really good something the name of which has escaped *poof* from my brain as I type.

Of course, this means we were done with dinner before 4 pm, that's a bit weird.

I nearly tried to drop my algebra class today, but instead called the professor and he's given me an additional 5 days to attempt the final, which means I can study more. Unfortunately I missed one of the quizzes (that was due last night) so I'm going to have to do much better on the final than I'd have to otherwise. But 5 more days to study will be a very good thing.

As mentioned previously, looked at a BEAUTIFUL apartment on Sunday. An apartment that by all rights should be mine. But I haven't yet applied in the hopes that I will be able to find something a bit more suitable, price wise. But beautiful was this apartment, and classic, and well maintained, and having a fireplace it was. It was amazing.

So... I need to decided, tomorrow or so, what I will do. Yes? Yes.

The story of what it's like to stay at bf's place full time will follow at some point. I'm still in shock from having just sold my house and being without a permanent address! It's pretty crazy.

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