Friday, July 20, 2007


So, this morning I feel, for the most part, peaceful.

I'm going to look at a series of apartments on and near Willy St. today, about which I am very excited. Realized this week that a NICE place and a GOOD landlord is of utmost importance to me. That is to say: clean common areas in the building are v v good, a landlord who doesn't say "you must have read the wrong ad" is good, being treated like a grown up, excellent, a bath with a shower door is good (as opposed to one I looked at which had a cheap mini-blind in front of the shower - wtf was that?).

Also have realized that I've got to spend a bit more money than I'd planned, because the places I really want have an additional bedroom and are $50/month more than I'd originally seen as my cap. Of course, an additional bedroom for 50 bucks is a good deal. And that leaves room for an office/workshop or a roommate.

After a few days of living in a house with other grownups around I have figured out I NEED A ROOMIE! I love living with other grownups. It's good for me, I think. I need it.

So, it's on my list. Especially because I WILL be getting one of the three bedroom apts I'm looking at today. Ooh, it's getting late, gotta get going!

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