Sunday, July 15, 2007


Almost. Done.

Wow - I've never had this experience before: moving house when I didn't have a house to move to! On one hand it's a bit unsettling, knowing that I'll be at my bf's place for a month, on the other, I love that I've pared down (because consolidating your life [and 7 room house] is vital when moving your belongings into a 10 x 25 foot space).

I looked at the most beautiful apartment today, the kind I always sigh and fawn over when invited. There is a WORKING FIREPLACE in it. It's got a great big front porch. It's an old building with gravitas.

I'm definitely applying for it. There is one other apartment that would likely take precedent over the perfect apartment (more perfect location, potentially cheaper to heat, possible underground parking), but I don't even know if it's open to rent. I call tomorrow morning to find out if it is.

Okay, rest time is over, I've got to pack up the car one more time this evening and get going. I cannot tell you how badly I need a shower.

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