Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Chilly? No. Chili? Yes!

It's warm this week (I am not complaining) - the bit of snow we've gotten is nearly all melted. It's supposed to get to 49 F tomorrow! I wonder if we will ever have snow on Christmas again?

Tonight bf is coming over to make up a scorching pot of chile con carne w/Porter and Chocolate (yeah, I've got to name the stuff). This time I *am* gonna put habaneros in it... Hopefully it won't be too hot for me to eat! It's for Tyranena Brewery's Hopluck dinner. Everyone brings a dish with a Tyranena brew.... I made this a couple of months ago in anticipation of the dinner and it was tasty. Looking forward to it.

What I am not looking forward to is trying to get all the school work/studying I have to do done by Monday. I'm in a not-small state of panic over it. I figure I will likely not sleep until Tuesday night...

Today I'm heading to the beauty parlor for a new 'do. It's been years (probably 4) since I had my hair "done" by a professional. I'll post a picture, eventually.

Now it's time to get out of the house so I've got time to stop by the post office before class. Yeah, it probably won't happen, but I should at least *try*. The coffee is kicking in...

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