Monday, December 18, 2006

Here's what we're going to do

First, we make some homemade marshmallows (I knew I bought that candy thermometer for a reason).

Then, a few batches of Kolachy and some russian tea cakes, a batch or two of cinnamon buns to freeze and bake later. Perhaps something unusual involving the huge package of prunes I picked up at the store today.

Then some Thai or Indian food, or a hybrid to use up what's in the freezer.

Then we make some salt dough ornaments in the shape of cookies.

Then a long hot bath, maybe a pedicure.

We watch a whole passel of DVDs.

And READ. For pleasure.
And write things for fun.

And sleep.

But not today. Not yet. It's still Finals week, and other junk that's no fun calls as well.
Time for fun and frolic is nearly here.

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