Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fie! or, Insomnia sux

Okay, the pattern has emerged. One day up for 20 or so hours, the next day up for 18 or so, and so on for 5 days and then I CRASH and sleep for as much of a day as I can.

I don't WANT to be up, but I feel compelled to be.

Fie! I spit in the eye of this vexation, or I would, if it were corporeal.

Two things to note. I pass on this article from The Guardian in the form in which it came my way. Without comment (although a lot could be said about this. At least I think so).

And another. The Shire is a building development in Bend, Oregon promising "English Elegance, Old World Charm, A Village Community. I cannot do it justice, just click.

I have been ironing for nearly an hour. Apparently I did a lot of laundry this week, but never looked at it until late last night. Clean clothing abounds.

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