Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cheese Days!

Today bf and 7 year old and I are heading out to Monroe for Cheese Days!

I hope to re-learn the polka (although that's at one, and it's a bit of a drive, so we might not make it...), and of course, eat some cheese. When we cemented our plans this week I swore off cheese until today! Actually, I feel pretty good. I've been eating far too much cheese lately.

This morning I had miso soup with diced white potato (these are great potatoes, large but not as long as a russet, with a very thin, pale brown skin and a firm white flesh). The miso was a pale yellow rice miso. It came in a small package and as I usually can't finish the larger packets of fresh miso, I snapped it up. At 59 cents it was a great deal. I love the Asian Food Market. Definitely must go there more often.

Now I'm finally tucking into a cup of very strong coffee.

And soon, we'll be in the car, on our way to the land of beer (Huber/Berghoff Brewing) and cheese, glorious cheese! There is a day long swiss cheese demo. They are making a 200-pound wheel with a play by play.

Finally, I'll take some pictures of something. Cheese, maybe?

Tonight is a party with chums* from my writer's group. That should be a blast.

*Who am I, Martin Prince?
[OMG, the woman who voices Martin also is the current voice of Minnie Mouse, and she is married to the man who is the current voice of MICKEY MOUSE. That is crazy.]

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