Thursday, September 14, 2006


I've been cooking a lot lately.

I made lemon curd from scratch the other day. I was going to make an 'angel pie' (meringue crust, lemon custard, whipped cream and strawberries, yum!), but the 97% humidity made the meringue crust not work correctly. It tasted wonderful, but wasn't quite right. Also, the lemon custard stuff that was in the recipe ended up burning in the pan I used, so I scrapped it and made a proper lemon curd.

I've wanted to try my hand at lemon curd for at least 4 years, so I'm pretty pleased that I got around to it (I'll be going to Ireland any day at this rate). It takes much less lemon than I'd thought: the rind of two lemons and the juice of one. Combine that with sugar (1 cup, I think), butter (1 stick) and eggs (four, well beaten). It's a lot of stirring in a double boiler, but man, it's well worth it.

Tonight I made cranberry apple sauce, all with Wisconsin ingredients. That was cool.

I also made a Thai curry that was incredible. I went to what used to be called Asian Midway Foods and got some incredible, inexpensive curry paste, and those great little round eggplants. It was very tasty.

For dessert, I took some (organic and actually really good) strawberries, sliced - some cream whipped with a bit of powdered sugar - and the lemon curd and layered them. Really wonderful. I'm going to make some Tollhouse cookies tomorrow. I got the idea from Cooking for Engineers. I wonder if they will taste like they did when I was a kid? It seems as though everyone would make Tollhouse cookies, not chocolate chip ones. They used to always have commercials for the nestle chocolate morsels, where someone [a housewife] would make the recipe from the back of the package. Honestly, I don't remember ever having another brand of chocolate chip in the house, ever. Now I usually buy Eileen's, which are inexpensive and consistently good. Today I picked up some fancy pants Ghiradelli ones because I was at the Willy St. Coop.

I picked up some ground pork to make Ma Po Tofu, I guess I'll do that tomorrow night. Remind me to pick up some rice tomorrow after class. Or I could just make brown rice... That wouldn't be bad, would it?

Bf is asleep and I feel like talking. Although I won't, I'm tempted to poke at him and wake him up! But that would be inconsiderate.

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