Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Wierdest Dream in a long time

It was the cover for a videocassette for a movie about a girl's school, "The school for Mad Girls".

The school was run by a rag tag bunch of clowns featuring Carol Burnett, Annie Potts and John Malcovich. They all had headfulls of curly hair and wore not-quite-full white face paint.

Post dream I imagine the school is actually called Mrs. Combsbury's School for Girls.
Bernadette Peters would have a role, and there would be a teapot shaped little boy who was there inexplicably, for comic relief.

If I could photoshop or draw, I'd provide a picture to go along with this dream. It was good enough to get up for at 3:45 and write about.

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Marianne said...


I missed you! I'm so glad you're still blogging! Congratulations on having reached the milestone of the 600-something post!

I "tagged" you by the way. You have to list "17 Random Things About Yourself." Hope this is fun and not a chore.

If you can, tag 17 other people.