Monday, September 08, 2008

The night of a thousand dreams (about tea)

Actually, I think there was only one, long dream of tea, but it was enough. I'm up at least 2 hours earlier than I'd planned to be, and if it weren't for bf's need for another hour of sleep, I'd be banging around getting laundry ready and taking a shower, etc.

As it is, I've got a cup of ginger tea by my side (this fabulous Thai stuff, which is really a mixture of granulated ginger and sugar, sure to cure what ails me).

I did dream of tea, though. This after drinking two large mugs of it last night (one earl grey, one raspberry). The weather is turning cooler, and I've been fighting an odd combination of allergy/cold symptoms for a week or so.

So tea is nice.

Now it's back to The Wire, my ginger tea (I think I'll follow it up with some more earl grey), and waiting for my antihistamine drug to kick in an stop this sneezing!

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