Saturday, May 31, 2008


The past couple of days have been a big sigh.


Nothing terrible has happened. On the contrary, some nice things have happened. But I feel oddly numb about them. Just sort of...


I'm tempted at times like these (and temptation is all I will admit to here) to start fiddling with my meds, upping the anti-depressants or otherwise adding or subtracting things.

But usually when I do I am reprimanded by my meds nurse for messing around with things.

So instead, I put it in my calendar: Call T, ask him about moods and meds. Call the clinic and see when my next appt is with my main meds nurse. Take good care of self.

The boy and I are going to the big Farmer's Market with my father this morning, a plan hatched by me while half asleep between last night's nap and actually going to bed.

It should be nice, hopefully not too crowded. I need to dress and feed the boy his breakfast now.

All is well, all is well. [repeat as necessary]

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