Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Well, then. That's over.

Today was the last part of a process which has been made unnecessarily complicated by the fact that it is a Federal thing. Like the birth certificate which they DIDN'T need, but said they did in 4 separate places, so I procured a copy for 20 bucks. But hey.

And the fact that they can't tell me anything for "3-5 months", so I could be S.O.L. in 5 months after having waited all this time. I guess my best plan is to continue with the other things I'm doing and wait and see.


But the fact that it's over, at least for now, is really comforting.

And the fact that the person I talked with was a really nice and respectful person was helpful.

I think it's really that I was quite scared of the process, plus other stuff. Tonight I'm going to try something new which I will write about later.

Right now I'm vainly attempting to clean my damned blessed apartment, which keeps falling into disrepair whenever I turn my back.

This time it's craft related disrepair. GLITTER is involved, so, yeah. Good times.

More later.

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