Monday, March 31, 2008

Out like a Lamb?

Well, truth told, I don't remember what the weather was like 30 days ago. A testament to my shoddy memory these days (or lack of something special to remember).

But today, the last day of March, is very... rainy. I wouldn't say dreary, because I'm being upbeat at the moment. But it was very rainy and overcast the whole day.

Is that lamblike behaviour?

I couldn't say.

This weekend is the Wisconsin Film Festival which means all school work must be done by Thursday afternoon (with time on Friday day if I must) and the weekend is ridiculously scheduled. 5 films on Saturday alone, and at least 4 Sunday. Is that possible? I need to look at my schedule again. Happily it only comes once a year. And I get a lovely student discount these days, making it all the better.

I know this blog has been really Obama centric lately, and although I haven't posted for a couple of days, I nearly did post yet another Obama thing today. But I didn't. I'm saving it. Or perhaps, most likely, I'll forget all about it.

Right now I'm embarking on an evening long marathon of watching an HBO Miniseries which I am certain to post about once it's all over.

Until then,
The Autonymph

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