Friday, March 07, 2008

What was I saying?

Wow, I have several links I've been thinking about posting, and still haven't touched the work I had mentioned on Wednesday morning.

In fact, I've not left the house since Tuesday. Today is the day, however, I will make it out.

Obviously, had I a pressing need, I would have made it out earlier. But alack and alas, I had none.

But I've got two articles to write and a quiz to take and two chapters of a book to read, and another quiz or two. Shit.

This is when my take-all-available-savings-and-go-to-Europe voice starts chattering away in my ear.


Also, I just performed a pivotal scene from an unwritten play, in which I star as the school teacher in a small town. Inspired by my hairdo today, which is straight up school marm.

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