Thursday, March 06, 2008

He's the one that I want

After the Clinton wins in Ohio and RI (and what will end up being a draw in Texas), the media flocked to her side, much as they had been doing with Sen. Barack Obama. But the thing is...he'd won (by margins large and small) more delegates than she had, and although I'm not one to say she should drop out of the race, it's not as though she kicked his ass on Tuesday... (It's not over yet)

Anyhow. Barack Obama is the candidate I want to be president. And I really really think he *should* be president. Not like when I was supporting Kerry/Edwards, because I could give a crap if Kerry was president. I just wanted bushco out of there (as I still do).

So, there it is.

And here is an awesome video called "Si Se Puede Cambiar", which made me cry at the end because, damnit, Obam-entum just gets me!

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