Thursday, January 03, 2008

Opulence and apples

Boyfriend has a family wedding in February, and I was on the fence about attending - mostly the expense of buying something appropriate, but also a bit of my social anxiety coming out. Plus, am I the only person who isn't fond of attending weddings? Seriously, my best friend's nuptials in 2001 were great, because they were hers, and I think that's the last wedding I've been to (and the one before that was a long time before).

But this morning I went to look at a beautiful dress I found on Amazon and decided I'd pick it up - I can return it if it's not right - and then I needed to find shoes, an undergarment thingy, and pantyhose. I also will need a purse and a wrap.

But since I don't know if it's a daytime or evening wedding (please be evening, I'm better at that look), I can't finish shopping. Plus I suppose I need to be sure about the dress first.

Anyhow, I started thinking about my hair and nails and makeup, and got excited about dressing up. And while the idea of dropping a few hundred bucks for outfit and extras is still pretty ridiculous (I really am a thrifty gal, really), I'll probably do it.

Because I honestly have nothing to wear.

In other news, the boy requested baked apples this morning, so I dug through the fridge and ressurected some apples I bought in October. In my old place I'd put appled in the basement where they would stay cool and dry, but here I don't have a cool place (with radiant heating I can't 'turn off' one room and keep it cooler. It'd be awesome to have controls in each room!), so they go in the fridge.

I had to peel them, but they taste wonderful, cut into medium sized chunks and mixed with raisins, cinnamon and maple syrup.


It's very cold here. Forecase windchills up to (or down to) -15 degrees F.

I'd like to stay in all day, but have promised myself that I'd do some things - the most important is finally returning my Netflix movies and paying a bill. So eventually, I'm getting out of the house. Freezing weather or no.

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