Friday, January 04, 2008

Is there a word for being both happy and disappointed at the same time?

Finally got my grades. One B and one A, for Spanish and Anthropology and Cultural Awareness respectively.

I'm REALLY disappointed to have gotten a B in Spanish and REALLY happy that it wasn't a C.

In my illustrious higher education career (which btw spans both decades and centuries), I've gotten only one B prior to this one. I really don't like that grade. It always feels as though I could have tried harder (and I could have, technically, tried harder this past semester, particularly if I hadn't felt half mad for most of it).

My GPA is now 3.77, which I suppose is still quite respectable.

Seriously, I really hate getting this B. If I didn't need to take just one more class to get into the UW, I'd take this semester off school. I'm just hoping one lousy semester won't be followed by another.

Yes, a B is fine. Better than I'd expected, really. But I still get a sick twisting feeling in the pit of my stomach when I look at it. How could I have done so poorly?


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