Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I feel, sort of... floaty this morning.

Perhaps it's because I woke early and didn't get my whole cup of coffee in, or because I missed breakfast?

We are expecting some very inclement weather this evening, and a dramatic change in temperature from a projected high of 43 to a low of -7. That's right, a 50 point range in temperature, in the course of a day. It's been forecast to be down to 17 degrees by 5pm, with high winds and wind chills.


So, I'm trying to get as much done in the rainy-but-warm weather as possible, to be home cooking something tasty by 3pm. I picked up lentils, split green peas and black eyed peas at the grocery store, so I think I'll make up some soup. I've got a piece of smoked turkey which would make a lovely split pea. If I get that working in the crockpot, I'll be pleased. And I have the makings of roasted chicken and potatoes, a salad, and...something lovely for dessert. I really want to make a lemon custard (lemon curd), because it would be the perfect gustatory antidote to the gray weather.

Now it's time for some reheated coffee and a sweet, tangy tangerine, then off to take care of car stuff and maybe pick up a dvd or two. I've got to write an article for class this week and I'm psyching myself out by worrying about it before I even begin to write it. Not a good plan. I think I'll NOT worry about it, and instead, WORK on it.


Palmer said...

Sounds tasty! Thanks for asking about the scraper. Mine is still a virgin but not for long, I suspect.

LavaLady said...

I made the split pea soup this evening and it was very, very tasty!

LavaLady said...

LAST evening is when I made the soup.
I don't know where I am in linear time some days.

Like today. Hee.

Today is when I used the bone from the smoked turkey thigh to make a pot of tasty black eyed peas! Yum.