Friday, January 11, 2008

Cooking like Crazy

Crazy woman cooking.

I just got in the mood yesterday to cook. But without tons of stuff in the house, I was cooking from the staples in the cupboard. That resulted in "survivalist soup" which actually turned out beautifully. (a large handful of mixed dried veggies, a handful of brown rice, a TBS of vegetarian 'beef' flavoured bullion, and 3 - 4 cups of water, plus the last bits of olive oil in the bottle and a half TSP or so of kosher-style salt)

I also made black eyed peas and some white rice.

And I had a salad for breakfast. With the last bit of left over coffee from the day before (yech, but I was out of beans).

Boyfriend gave me an old copy of The Joy of Cooking (possibly his dad's copy), and I decided to bake something from that - Egg Bread (challah). It turned out nicely, but I wish I'd added a bit more sugar, because I like my Challah sweet. But it was a good first effort, and I'll definitely try it again. Unfortunately I don't think I ought to feed it to the 8 year old, as the egg wash alone will probably give him an allergic reaction, never mind the three eggs *in* the bread.

Later in the day I got to the local market, where I cannot bring myself to purchase my staples. The curse of knowing the prices of most everything I buy at the big ol' grocery store. Food prices are rising though, that's for sure. It's a bit scary what I've read about stagnation of wages compared with the rise in prices for fuels, food, etc.

Later on I'll (hopefully) post about the lemon poppyseed muffins I baked this morning.

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