Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Ten Year Languages Plan

I was talking this over the other day with a self-proclaimed language geek (the kind who can actually teach himself languages). I never thought I'd get as far as I have learning another language (my second being Spanish), and now that I've started, I'm anxious to learn a few more.

Although I don't expect fluency in them all, here is the list I came up with and a very loose timeline for the languages I'm going to try and become familiar with between now and when I'm 50.

1. Spanish (Including this because I'm taking Spanish 4 next semester, which is text heavy, and I really hope to keep working on listening and speaking the language).
2. Latin (need 2 semesters for my B.A., and will be a good basis for language #3 and others)
3. Italian (no real reason, kind of seems like a gimme after Spanish and Latin.
4. Arabic (the U.W. or someone related has a 4-6 week immersion class in the summer, which seems really fun and challenging - I almost did this two years ago instead of starting at MATC).
5. Japanese or Mandarin - This seems kind of capricious, doesn't it, like "my Asian language", but both of them are really tempting and I feel like saying I want to study them both is like saying "oh, I'm not serious about trying either one." I'm guessing I'll do Japanese because Japanese culture has been of interest to me for a longer time (via my dad and his interest esp. w/Zen Buddhism). This is the "when I'm 50" language.

French is in there between Italian and Arabic. Probably after Italian I can study that one at home and do pretty well. I took it in school (okay, Middle and half a year in High School), and I think I can probably figure lots of it out after Spanish, Latin and Italian.

Plus, I'll be all chicken to start something COMPLETELY different, so I'll be procrastinating.

Just this morning after my shower, I was practicing Spanish and I started crying because I couldn't remember something. The 8 year old came to the bathroom and asked me what was wrong, and I said I was just feeling frustrated because I was having trouble remembering something and being too hard on myself. And I am. Too hard on myself. And having trouble remembering.

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