Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Creo que si

Well, here it is.

I am in a pickle. A jam.
A cream tart.

No, scratch that last.

I'm up a creek sans paddle.
It seems I've really forgotten some basic tenets of Spanish. Like when to use Estar and when to use Ser. I "lost" my class last week and texted a friend mangled first semester (hell, first WEEK of first semester) Spanish: donde es clase, which really means something deeply philosophical, to be generous to myself...

I really want to be able to read and speak Spanish. I don't even know why (actually, I kind of do, it's just difficult to explain - it's half "I'm a perfectionist" and it's half, "I'm falling in love with being able to understand this beautiful language").

In a few weeks I'll have some exciting announcements but right now the extent of my excitment is that I am going to try to get to school extremely early this morning and get a sweet spot in the library to research my paper. I think I can get 2 draft pages written a day between now and the end of next week, which should get me nearly caught up.

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Ungruntled said...

As one scrambling for words at the moment, I think I can understand this (in the vaguest, least important of senses). Wishing you all the right words for draft one so draft two is a snap. :)

And the tenets are there. Buff them up a bit with review, polish them and they'll shine against the background like diamonds.

Did my hands say that? O, gods, it must be November.