Monday, October 01, 2007


Wow, I don't know where to begin.

Nowhere seems good. A HAHAHA HAHAH AAHAHAAHAHAH ha ha. Surely I jest. I'm gonna post no matter what.

Highlights of the past few days, got a new tattoo (small one) because I just wanted to. It's kind of a secret so I'm not posting a picture.

My table finally arrived from If I could tell you anything about, it is this: STAY FAR AWAY. Stick with if you need the big department store experience. The latter doesn't have appliances, the former doesn't totally suck.

I've been hitting a wall of tired right around this time of day. I dunno why. Need dinner. Fortunately for me, (highlight alert) there is a meatloaf in the oven. Today's meatloaf includes onion (both red and white sweet), carrot, garlic and red wine. It should be interesting.

And we get to eat at a real table, which is lovely.

I got a bad grade on my Spanish Exam (the one I thought I had done WELL on, which is a kick in the teeth, I hate bad grades), and I'm trying to keep it in perspective but I feel so stupid it hurts.

Wait, highlights, remember Lavalady? You've promised highlights!!!


Um, I bought chocolate marshmallows yesterday, with a coupon (which was at the store). They were $0.44! And they taste good. Not like marshmallows, exactly, but they are chocolately and sweet, so that is nice.

The eight year old is playing at a neighbor's house. That's pretty awesome. I'm feeling extremely anti-social so I hope he comes home without me having to go meet his mom. I know, I'm bad at this job.

Lastly, after setting up the table I need to decide if I'm making potatoes or pasta as our starchy side. I've got some squash for veg, and some shelled edamame as well. I think I'll make red pepper pasta.

Ooh, just checked on the 'loaf and it looks lovely, but I think I put too much liquid in it... It's practically self-basting. Smells divine though.

Highlights: food, furniture, friends for family members.

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