Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Seeds and Paycheck


Friday night the 8 year old and I had our friends Arch and his son M over to carve pumpkins and hang out. It was the first time the boys had met, and they seemed to get along really well. I saved the pumpkin seeds and finally got around to roasting them this evening.

YUM. They were delicious.

I took them, got as much pumpkin goop as I could off of them, spread them on a large baking sheet and doused them with some oil ( about 2t. olive) and kosher-style salt. Roasted at 300 for a half an hour and my are they tasty!

Watching a film I think is in my top 25, Paycheck. I've loved it for it's unintentional funniness and for the unfortunate nature of Uma Thurman's hair styles. But this time I just am plain enjoying the film.

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