Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oops I did it again...

Went gaming with bf last night and had fun. Ran into some trouble when I noticed our host James (who is just awesomely nice and always has good things to eat and or drink) had a bottle of Rye on his liquor table.

Rye has always seemed pretty romantic and detective novel-y to me, so I had to try some.
He had two varieties, one of which was more expensive one of which was less so.

They were both really tasty! I used to be a big bourbon fan, but there is a woody thing about bourbon which I can't stomach. I like Irish Whiskey fine, but I think I could develop a taste for Rye, which seems to rest between my beloved bourbon and a lighter Irish.

That bit of booze put me out of the mind to study when I finally made it home, and I've been working on computer problems most of the morning. I need to stop procrastinating and get some studying done, posthaste.

In other news, this has been an oddly stressful week already. Going out trick or treating with my kid is TOTALLY stressful. Maybe I need to pick up a bottle of rye and bring my travel mug with? Oh man, I'm a bad mamma. :) Here's a preview of what I *might* be wearing tonight (not sure if the hat will stand up to the forecast windy weather...).

In other news, I've successfully resisted my desperate urges to smoke for nearly a week! Go me!


anthropologist said...

You look GREAT in your Hollywood get-up. I was unimaginative this year and stayed in my regular clothes.

I cannot wait to try both rye and bourbon. I also have a bottle of something called "Paisa" that my mom brought me as a present from Ecuador. I have no idea what that is. The bottle says "Aguardiente" above the Paisa. Do you know what it is?

LavaLady said...

I wore something less fun for the actual trick or treating, as it was very windy and I didn't the the hat would make it.

Paisa! That sounds interesting. I wonder if it's anything like pisco, which is from... Argentina maybe, and is a really strong clear liquor. Hmmm, after perusing WikiPedia it looks like Aguardiente means STRONG, and it may be anise flavoured. I'm intrigued!