Saturday, July 07, 2007

Lost days, lost nights

It's SATURDAY? How did that happen?

WHY AM I BLOGGING? I have a lot of stuff to do, so why am I sitting in my office, looking at a computer screen?

Because I need a break from productivity, from rationality, from calm and considerate culling of my 'cumulated crap.

Because I want to talk, and talking to the blogosphere is as close to conversation as I'm going to get.

Because because because because because.

My favourite breakfast (if only because it's all I have for breakfast) this week is:

Flaxen oatmeal...

1/3 Cup oatmeal (regular)
2 Tbs ground flax
1 Cup water
Honey and butter to taste
Half and half

Mix the first three things in a microwave safe bowl, cook for 2-4 minutes on high, depending on how you like your oatmeal. When it's through cooking, put honey on top, and butter, and mix. Once honey and butter are well incorporated, pour some half and half on top, as you like it.

The flax is the tiniest bit nutty in flavour, and becomes alarmingly glutinous (although not slimy, well not too slimy). This dish has 8 grams of fiber, is potentially really good for your blood cholesterol, and is great if you don't bother eating lunch because you are stressed out.

Also fantastic for regularity. TMI?

Posts like this one (and the one I am not writing because it really IS too much) are why I don't advertise my blog locally. No one likes whinging.

Packing is going okay, but my algebra has gone completely by the wayside and I'm in big trouble if I don't find time to work on it tomorrow. Or tonight.

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