Monday, June 18, 2007

When it rains it pours: late spring gift edition

My boyfriend has been known to shower me with gifts. He was feeling expansive and generous on Saturday, and picked up a few lovely things. First off a box of chocolates from our local chocolatier Gail Ambrosius. I even shared all but one of the delicacies within. It being so hot and humid, fine chocolate must be sored someplace cool and dry or eaten immediately. We chose the eaten immediately option (which may explain why my ankles aren't swollen today) .

He also picked up a really unique item - Cocoa Pulp Fruit Spread. It is, literally, a jam-like concoction of 90% Cacao pulp and 10% sugar. Very tasty. I'm thinking of making up shortcakes, slathering them with said concoction, and serving them with Chocolate Shoppe Vanilla Ice Cream.

And to top if off, I am now the proud owner of a CD by The Handsome Family. I haven't taken it out yet, but I'm taking bets as to whether "Puddin' Fingers" or "Drunk by Noon" will be my favourite song. Right now I've got some red beans slowly simmering in some Futhermore Knotstock in an attempt to recreate the beans I made for the Tyranena Brewing Hopluck last Thursday. We head up there for crawfish, food and good beer and were not disappointed. A fun time. Bf's stewed corn was a taste sensation.

Algebra is rediculous. I've been logged into the system for 30 hours out of the last week. IT's like a bad Sci-Fi story, I'm just looking at a screen, insensible to all outside stimulation. Okay, that's not true. Just *most* outside stimulation. I'm really frustrated that right now the only thing standing between me and getting into the University of WI is Math. But I have to take these classes sometime. Blargh.

Ah... Just ate a piece of crispy bacon. Everything is right with the world.

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Kathy said...

Hey! I was at the crawfish boil, too! Small friggin' world, eh? Here was my short entry on it:

Went to the Brewers game on Sunday, too. Did you happen to go as well?