Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Dinner Friday night was a smashing success. I made a super special dinner, based on the dinner his aunt asked for one year (which became a tradition, right Ted?). Spaghetti and Chocolate cake.

Since Ted and I were talking while I was at the grocery store, I had a chance to pick up all of the ingredients, ground sirloin and pork for the meatballs, a bottle of locally produced ragu, the cappellini pasta, and sour cream for the cake. I ended up making a chocolate sour cream cake with a chocolate sour cream frosting which was, if I do say so myself, really good.

The dinner was muy riquisima , and I ate too much (we had a very simple green salad and garlic bread as accompaniments).

Afterward we talked for a while and then we watched "Ricky Jay and his 52 Assistants", which was a lot of fun.

Unlike most of Ted's visits, I kicked him out early so I could go to bed, so our usual talking too late into the night couldn't happen. Unfortunately he only let me send him home with three measly pieces of cake, so I've been eating delicious chocolate cake all week. Yum! Tonight I'm going to feed bf some of the meatballs in meatball sandwich form, which I am pretty excited about.

It's so nice to make a special meal for someone, and I love birthdays, so it was a nice combination of those things. Growing up for me has meant letting go of the idea that I will be treated specially for my birthday (without having to tell people to do it), but it still is nice to celebrate, even if it's just by spending time together. Also, there is CAKE.

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Ted said...

My aunt's birthday menu choice of spaghetti and chocolate cake actually prompted my grandmother to modify the free choice tradition -- she gave herself veto powers over all future birthday menus.

It was delicious, though. And a nice way to remember my aunt. Thanks again!