Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Coming up for air?

Sort of. Have 11+ pages for my paper (shooting for 15), and I'm officially SICK of looking at it, at the messed up formatting and the unfinished-ness of it.

I'm tired.

Have a headache.

Got mail and phone messages which freak me out, but are not worth it. Just move forward, things will be fine.

The plan is, beginning next week I walk wherever I can and drive where I can't walk. Which is most places. So I drive only where I REALLY need to go - I'm not dedicated to not driving my car nunca, jamas, but I am dedicated to trying it out. Getting up early enough to walk little boy to summer school, going grocery shopping on days I have class so I'm in the car anyhow. That kind of stuff. Plus more walking means more possible physical fitness.

And with gas prices being what they are and my car being what it is (falling apart), the less I drive, the better.

I'm really freaking out.

And, I turn 37 on Friday.
OLD. I'm officially getting there.


EDIT, a couple of hours later.
Crud, my headache is getting worse.
I haven't done any work on my paper.

Bah. I hate this kind of week. Too much going on and lots of worry followed by nothing.

Yes, I'm whining. NO, I'm not finished.
But in deference to my legions of fans, I'll do the rest of my whining offline.

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