Thursday, June 14, 2007

Great "idea"

Last night I was chatting with my fantastic friend J and for some reason started putting things in "quotes", for no reason, and it ended up being so funny, I wanted to do it here.

My "plan" as it were, was to start quoting "everything" (which I now "realize" could include things like spoken word with the addition of "air quotes"). It's instantly "off putting", because (to me) it creates this "air" of sarcasm which is a bit unpleasant*. But funny.

Just doing it now makes me laugh. One of those irrational things that is hilarious to me, but not so much to "everyone else".

"Join me", won't you?

* Also, because people who do a lot of air quoting in "real life" tend to put the emphasis on the wrong "word", which is confusing.

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