Friday, May 25, 2007

You are my family, now

My grades for the second half of the semester have just come in. I pulled straight A's again and cannot tell you how glad that makes me. Spanish was really bothering me, I was so upset about my performance on the final exam.

You wanna know my cumulative GPA? 3.9!

I'm so happy! The equation for figuring out what it will be when I finish the class I am in now (which is technically Spring semester) is confusing, but it seems reasonable that an A in this class will increase my GPA. But to 4.0* or something a bit lower?

Anyhow, I'm honor society material again this semester.

::Pats self on back::

And because I would love to feel that I could call my parents and have them be happy for me, but don't feel that way, I'm telling you guys.

* Dude if my cumulative GPA is 4.0, I'm going to take myself out for dinner, a movie, and maybe shopping for something nice.

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