Monday, May 07, 2007

Yay sleep

Maybe it was the vanilla ice cream, maybe it was inevitable due to extreme exhaustion, but I slept on Saturday night, fairly well. Woke rested but restless due to truncated Saturday plans, and was out the door around 8.

Last night went to bed a bit late but not too bad, accidentally slept in this morning, but all went well, despite my 15 minute deadline to clothe, feed and deliver the 7 year old to school. He had gotten up earlier so the fight to drag him from his bed was not an issue.

Had an incredibly busy but dull to relate day, picked up the boy early and got him cleaned up so we could enjoy dinner with bf's mother, in town for the day. We ate well and I tried to relax - I'm really worried I'll do something horribly wrong, but even the boy could tell bf's mom is a really nice person "She'd like everybody Mom, even people who did something bad."

Cleaned for a while, read blogs, thought about studying for my exam (curse you repaso - por vs. para will be my undoing). Got a bee in my bonnet about something and don't know how to bring it up with the involved parties.

Need to plan a vacation, even if it's just me in a motel 100 miles out of town, watching bad movies on cable. Need some time to regroup and enjoy time outside of Time.

Tomorrow I am getting a spot of dental work done. It's not a big deal but on a front tooth. Since I've got a front top crown already, I guess I'm a bit sensitive about work in that area.

Oh, and then an EXAM! The fun, as it were, never stops!

Have I talked about local, national or world politics lately? It's not because I don't think about them.

I hope to be posting much more in the future (read: this summer after my 3 week interim course is done) in the area of picture posts and travelogues. I've got things to see and do and stories to tell.

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