Saturday, May 19, 2007

What next?

Need something today, don't know what.

Have been having some pretty bad stomach aches, which I attribute to upping my fruit and veg intake by 700% this week. Perhaps I need to start making pureed soups or something to give myself a break?

I have a great recipe from the moosewood cookbook for a 'creamed' spinach soup which uses potato as a base. But it's nearly summer, so soup isn't all that appetizing.

This morning I think I'm going to try a protien shake and maybe some apple sauce.

Been so caught up in my head and yet the things I've been thinking about are so - weightless. Feel as though I'm wasting time but I think I am not.

Actually, I was just now *planning on wasting time* with a cup of coffee and a book.

But seeing as it's a plan and all, it has to be productive. Right?

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