Friday, May 18, 2007

I want it all or nothing at all*

Realized last night that I am in a deeply introspective mood. This while sitting in great seats at Park West in Chicago, listening to incredible music and having a hell of a time getting my brain to STOP feeding me information beyond the music.

I thought about so much and at more than one point was *forcing* myself to stop thinking. I gave up and just tried to get more in touch with the outside world. You know the saying/trick: "Don't think about an elephant." What are you thinking about right now? Picturing in your head? An elephant, right?

When I finally stopped struggling against all of the connections my brain was making, instead of being washed away by the music I was noticing it in waves, like standing on the beach and having the waves rush over you. Not bad. Thankfully we get to see them again (I couldn't resist buying tickets when I saw that Porcupine Tree were coming back to the small venue in Milwaukee where we'd seen them in in 2005) in a couple of weeks, at which time I will stand as close to the front as my little ears can stand and let the music wash over me, go through me, and threaten, as PT does, to turn me inside out.

* a post title deserving of a second time out when I get my head together...

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