Friday, May 11, 2007

NHLBI Obesity Education Initiative

NHLBI Obesity Education Initiative

Have I told you the story about how I lost a whole bunch of weight a few years ago? Actually, 2005 was when I made my goal weight (152, although I got down to 150 at some point). I loved being so slender, and I bought lots of clothes.

Then, starting about a year ago, I started gaining weight. Cut to the end, I am now nearly 50 pounds heavier than my goal weight. Far too big to fit into the slightly larger duds I bought to wear last summer.

Not happy about that.

Although I've made moves and noises toward losing during the past 6 months - tonight it was decided: I'm going to lose 35 pounds. My goal is a very ambitious 18 weeks (1.9 lbs/week). It seems absolutely mad, and we'll see how long my resolve lasts, but I need something, and I need it now.

My current BMI is 30.1, which puts me in the obese range. Ahem. Yeah, after all the work I put in to lose the weight the frst time, I'm not too thrilled with it. My goal is to get to a BMI of 25.1, which puts me in the 'normal' weight range.

So there it is. I'm not going to blog about it a lot because this blog isn't about that. But I'll let you know of any major events.

If any one wants to join me in friendly weight loss (or friendly competitive weight loss ala Massive Beasts) let me know.

At some point it will behoove me to write about the larger social implications of weight and body size, body image, media, etc. But right now it's about my life and what I think will make me feel better. Plus, the clothes! I'm too cheap to buy new ones.


Sue said...
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LavaLady said...

Goodbye blog spam!

LavaLady said...

Things have DEFINITELY changed in the past few weeks. No more weight loss for me, no more worrying about the BMI number.

It's a new day, a new, fat, day. And I'm happy.