Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ray (of light)

First of all, let me say that it is about 36 degrees F here right now, and sleeting (that's frozen-ish rain), overcast, and frankly, depressing as hell.

I've been given a reprieve and have no speech tomorrow, so you'd think I might be working on my speech, right? No. I'm sitting at my desk trying to get organized, and simply put, failing.

I decided to watch the latest installment of The Show, Ze Frank's podcast. It's nearly ending (he is doing it for a year), and yesterday's ep was a "very special" The Show, because it is an interview with Ray.

Ray is a man who recorded a song for his daughter when she was at her wits end in her new job. It's called "About to Whip Somebodies Ass", and it's something I wish I'd had on my ipod when I worked at my last job.

Anyhow, there is a whole community (the Sports Racers) over at Ze's, and they did remixes and a video for the song made up of images people sent in. They tracked down Ray and Ze's interview runs about 14 minutes. This from a podcast which usually clocks in well under 3 minutes.

The show is here (look on the sidebar to the right to hear the song and remixes), and it made me feel better to listen to Ray talk. Sometimes I really wish I had a dad I trusted and could go to for advice. Yes, poor me. But I just like to hear Ray speak because he's one of those "student of life" people, and I hope to feel as though I am too, one day.

Weather update: Now it's just RAINING. And thundering. I think I should eat some chocolate.

Yes, and do some homework. All the while humming, "I'm about to whip somebodies ass.."

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