Friday, March 02, 2007

Cookies and -Crastination

I made these heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies for 7yo's class for Valentines Day. They were tasty, but not as nice as I'd hoped (a bit too buttery, if you can believe it). Next year I am banning these - a regular rolled cookie is much easier to put together - although I will admit that not having to frost is a good thing.

Writing this, I realize that Halloween, Birthday and Valentines days are holidays on which I am extremely indulgent of my children's wishes, even when I don't "feel" like it. It must be because those are my favourites? Who knows. Parents are crazy.

Bf and I were talking this past weekend (en Español: Mi novio y yo hablamos el fin de semana pasado), about how I wasn't doing my school work and somehow the concept of PRE-crastination came up. It's the period before one actually begins PRO-crastinating. Unfortunately the precrastination is well over and procrastination reigns supreme.

Last night I got home from my writers group and the poor hamster was acting all nutty, so I got her out of her cage and was struck my the DESPERATE urge to clean her cage. Turns out it was even filthier than I'd though, so it wasn't a wasted effort by any means. As I cleaned, I began wondering if I was a little manic these days. I've been sleeping less, and eating oddly*, but both of those things can be explained: I've got a lot of school work to do and end up staying up late to finish/work on it, and I haven't had much motivation to shop for food. On the other hand, I'm restless and having difficulty concentrating, which is perhaps why I have not been taking super great care of myself.

I'm not questioning myself deeply, nor doubting my sanity (I'm still clinging to that with an iron grasp), it's just that I have to stay vigilant and modify my schedule, diet, etc. in order to stay on top of mood changes and let them do as little damage as possible.

*I have been really not very hungry, and not picking out food very well. Yesterday it hit me, I wanted an apple - so I'm officially on an apple kick.

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